Samsung Gear S3 review

Samsung endeavors to toss everything on a watch, yet it doesn’t all stick

The Good / Well-built; appealing plan; sharp turning bezel interface. GPS, speakerphone, discretionary remain solitary LTE telephone administration and work-anyplace Samsung Pay. Spotify application streams music in a hurry. Works with most Android telephones, and even iPhones to a certain extent.

The Bad / It’s huge. Tizen-based programming has less application bolster than Apple Watch or Android Wear. iOS association works, however it’s exceptionally surrey. Hardly any executioner applications exploit remain solitary LTE administrations.

The Bottom Line / Samsung’s watch gets by, for the time being, as one of the better choices for Android telephone clients.

Smartwatches are tests. For an essence without bounds, you must live with trade off on your wrist. Be that as it may, for many individuals, associated watches are best kept straightforward. Battery life wins out finished huge amounts of highlights, and convenience over component swell. All things considered, that is the thing that telephones are for. Watches are the place we check things rapidly.

The issue is that the Gear S3 still feels like an analysis, when, in its second cycle (the S2 was the primary major upgrade), it should begin feeling like a more develop, cleaned item. In case you’re hoping to see where watches will go straightaway, Samsung’s investigating the thoughts now. Remain solitary cell LTE association without a telephone? Check. Spotify on-wrist? Check. Utilize anyplace wrist installments that are much more adaptable than Apple Pay? Indeed.

The Gear S3 is a madly highlight rich smartwatch with a major, striking plan. Be that as it may, dissimilar to the most recent Apple Watch and Android’s up and coming 2.0 programming refresh, Samsung’s Tizen-based Gear S3 doesn’t do what’s necessary to enhance the experience or bolster more applications. Furthermore, few of those applications really utilize the Gear S3’s independent LTE. As far as equipment, it’s a superior watch than a year ago’s strong, cunning Gear S2. But then, it neglects to take enough jumps forward in its product. A year ago’s S2 was inventive, however it required cleaning. What’s more, it outrageously required more applications.


I utilized the Gear S3 for over multi month combined to a Samsung Galaxy S7 (read my underlying impressions here) and afterward as of late through the iPhone 7, utilizing Samsung’s new iOS smartwatch-matching application. Read on for everything that Gear S3 does right, and where it falters.

Fundamentally, know this: For $300 (the essential cost of the Classic or Frontier models of the watch, which both look smooth and tasteful), you’re getting a strong and complex watch. Be that as it may, it’s extremely no better, regarding programming, than a year ago. In the mean time, the LTE-prepared Frontier show I explored has full cell and telephone capacities, yet presumably isn’t justified regardless of the cost. It’s generally $350, £350 or AU$589, however US bearers are putting forth a rebate of $100 on a two-year information contract, which I presumably wouldn’t do. It likewise requires including an additional month to month information charge to your telephone design.

Android Wear 2.0 is practically around the bend, and new Android watches could be all over the place. Samsung’s idea makes some fruitful executions, and some prominent equipment enhancements, however insufficient of them to be a definitive look for everybody. Furthermore, it hasn’t gotten any simpler to utilize.

What’s intriguing

Samsung Pay: Adding Samsung Pay to the Gear S3 doesn’t simply empower tap-to-pay at similar spots that as a rule acknowledge Apple Pay or Android Pay. It has MST, an attractive innovation that is additionally on Samsung’s Galaxy telephones since the Note 5 and S6, and it works at any charge card terminal. It’s basically an utilization anyplace virtual charge card, open with a double tap of a catch. It works by sending a coordinated ping that works at candy machines, terminals or anyplace near the Mastercard peruser. (The Gear S2 included Samsung Pay, however just the NFC kind.)

Spotify: Samsung at long last followed through on offering a Spotify application on the Gear S3 (and S2), and it works. There are admonitions: It can stream over Wi-Fi or LTE (in the event that you purchased a Gear S3 that has LTE, similar to my survey show), however it can’t download tracks. Also, its interface is awful. Also, gushing for 90 minutes about exhausted my whole watch battery. In any case… it works! (It additionally requires a paid Spotify membership.) I associated AirPods and tuned in a hurry, and it was truly fun. In any case, I’d rather download tracks and spare information.

The outline: The Gear S3 comes in two plans, both unquestionably “consistent watch” than the cutting edge however magnificent looking Gear S2. It’s a stage forward and a stage back. The enormous (and I mean huge) outline feels like a huge games watch on my thick, bristly wrist. In any case, that outline isn’t for many individuals, and loses widespread interest therefore. However, in any event it feels extremely well fabricated and looks top of the line. The LTE-prepared model resembles a tank. Be that as it may, damn, on the off chance that you like expansive watches, this is an eye-getting look.


It’s a full remain solitary telephone with LTE: If you purchase the LTE demonstrate, it can accept calls and even associate applications in a hurry (by means of AT&T or T-Mobile in the US). In the event that you need a telephone on your wrist, here it is. Furthermore, it’s most likely the best telephone on-wrist watch that exists. With AT&T, for example, the watch can impart a number to your Android/Samsung telephone. Include Bluetooth earphones, and attentive calls can be taken. Would I require that? No. Some may, however. In any case, to utilize this as a LTE telephone, you’ll have to pay a month to month expense to add it to your telephone design.

Samsung’s S Health wellness highlights are shockingly great: S Health is the required prepared in approach to track wellness on the Gear S, yet it does heart rate and programmed movement following, can log water and espresso allow, and reminds me when I’ve remained still too long. It even suggests extending practices when I stand once more. I like that the S Health empowers movement streaks – stroll for some time, and it demonstrates to me to what extent I’ve been strolling for – and some of the time it verges on wellness instructing.

On iOS you can associate and even introduce applications: Samsung’s iOS application isn’t great, however it’s more adaptable than a fundamental Android Wear conductor. Samsung S Health interfaces for wellness following, and a bunch of applications and watch appearances can be downloaded. Just not every one of them – Spotify and Uber don’t make the cut, for instance.

Samsung S-Voice works… truly well: Google’s up and coming Assistant changes to Android Wear, and Siri on Apple Watch, offer more associations with telephone capacities. S-Voice still works OK, however, and can accomplish more than you’d expect (setting alerts, calling a contact, getting climate, asking what an aardvark is). It can recover brief sections from sources, for example, Wikipedia.

 What’s not all that hot

Tizen (and its application deficiency): Samsung’s watch makes yet another wager on Tizen, its own particular programming and application biological community. Also, nobody else has. The measure of applications for Gear watches has streamed to a close halt. And keeping in mind that there are some sharp amusements and watch faces, and a couple of brand-name applications like a CNN or Bloomberg or ESPN watch face, or Uber or Spotify, these applications are so rare that you’ll strive after any new one just to legitimize your Gear buy. There are actually a large number of Gear S3-good applications… in any case, few of them are anything conspicuous, or anything a great many people would need to utilize.

The interface: Last year, the Gear S2’s novel turning wheel outline for route was eye-popping and fun. But at the same time now is the ideal time devouring, and I can’t get to what I require as quick as I can on an Apple Watch. An excess of dial-turning, and two catches to push rather than one, signify a great deal of sat around idly fiddling around. Initially data isn’t generally simple on the grounds that most Samsung Gear watch faces are light on customization. I can’t pack on easy routes or speedy readout data like on the Apple Watch – say, to music or climate or date-book.

A more effective plan is required. It’s certainly superior to anything Android Wear at the present time, yet it’s not another jump forward. Also, getting some applications to work requires a blend of Samsung applications, course applications and perhaps twofold log-ins. (Spotify required another sign in once my telephone was distant.)

LTE model can deplete the battery quick: I got two long stretches of battery life by and large utilizing the S3 Frontier LTE show when matched to the telephone, yet in the event that I utilized LTE to interface with the watch far from the telephone, battery life disappeared quick. Contingent upon what I did, my watch could deplete before I returned home for supper (and my watch charger). Multi day on LTE backup was run of the mill – however not ensured. What’s the utilization of a smartwatch that has such an extensive variety of battery perseverance relying upon execution?


It’s water safe, yet not swim evidence: IP68 implies residue and dunk-accommodating, yet dissimilar to the Apple Watch Series 2, you’re not intended to go swimming.

Would I get one?

Would I prescribe the Samsung Gear S3 to an iPhone proprietor? In no way, shape or form. Be that as it may, with Android telephone proprietors, the choice is harder. There is no flawless watch at the present time, only a field of substandard items. Android Wear is anything but a smart response now, despite the fact that Android Wear 2.0 could give some guarantee beginning in the following couple of months. Rock has been consumed by Fitbit. Samsung offers some fascinating alternatives with the Gear S3, and its capacity to be a full telephone in the event that you spring for the LTE model could speak to a few people.

After over multi year since the Gear S2, the S3 adds up to a sidelong move. Enhanced equipment, yet not enhanced programming. What’s more, regardless of how sharp the S3’s plan is, it should be better at conveying data quick. That being stated, at this moment, I’d incline toward the S3 over any present Android Wear watch… or then again some other Android-associated watch. That announcement will most likely change within the near future. Be that as it may, the more seasoned Gear S2 is as yet accessible, and at around $230 it’s unmistakably of a drive buy. It does not have a speakerphone, however. What’s more, on the off chance that you think about including telephone benefit, the Gear S3 LTE is obviously better than the S2 3G.

Samsung’s watch is completely appealing. Its looks get the attention of individuals I demonstrate it to, and keeping in mind that it’s huge, it’s very attractive. Be that as it may, it’s not the best data on-my-wrist remote approach to rapidly monitor my life. Possibly that is an issue with all smartwatches. Be that as it may, it’s certainly an issue.


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