Samsung HW-N550 review

Tidy setup, tidy sound



The Good / The Samsung HW-N550 offers a conventional choice of highlights at a reasonable cost. Execution in both music and films is on a par with you could expect for the cash.

The Bad / The Samsung HW-N550 isn’t as encompassing as the best for the cash, and has no inside channel control. The sound bar’s show is difficult to peruse on a point. No Wi-Fi highlights for spilling media.

The Bottom Line / The Samsung HW-N550 sound bar offers advanced plan and top notch sound in a reasonable, simple to-set-up bundle

What amount would you like to spend on a sound bar? Up to $500 there are some great items to be had, however we keep up that amongst $300 and $400 is the sweet spot. For this sum you can expect equipped sound quality joined with HDMI network and a remote subwoofer. All things considered, the Samsung HW-N550 ticks the greater part of the containers.

The Samsung is a strong entertainer and will play back both film soundtracks and the most recent pop discharge with style. Is it the best an incentive for cash at the cost? No – for $50 less you can get either a Yamaha YAS-207 ($300 at Crutchfield) with its predominant encompass copying or the Polk MagniFi Mini ($250 at Crutchfield), which tosses in Wi-Fi spilling. What the Samsung does is look great, and it’s a characteristic fit with your new Samsung TV – with its TV spilling over-Bluetooth capacity. It likewise offers less demanding divider mount abilities than both of the two contending models.


At the point when Samsung discharged the HW-K950, it set up the diagram for each stable bar the organization has discharged since. With that model the organization pushed far from modest looking lodgings toward something more modern. While the N550 acquires the look with its metal grille and brushed dim shading plan, it is still at its heart a plastic sound bar – however that is not astounding for the cash. The edges of the principle speaker are decreased, and rather than capacitive touch controls, the bar includes some still-swanky push catches. The bar includes a locally available show, however it’s solitary a few characters wide, and a mix of as well quick looking over and poor off-hub seeing mean its helpfulness is restricted.

The primary bar is 41.7 inches wide and a genuinely discrete 2.32 inches high. In the event that you need to divider mount the speaker, it accompanies a metal section to help its kinda-cumbersome 3.44 creeps of profundity. In the interim, the remote subwoofer is fairly reduced (8.46 by 15.14 by 11.97 inches) and completed in a likewise downtempo dark and-dark shading plan.

The agreeable remote control is formed after the ones that ship with the organization’s TVs with its volume switches and glossy silk wrap up.


The N550 is a 3.1-channel sound bar with a remote subwoofer. It offers both Dolby Digital and DTS unraveling, however holds back before cutting edge designs like Dolby TrueHD or DTS-HD Master Audio, significantly less Dolby Atmos.

Sources of info incorporate HDMI 2.0a in and out, computerized optical, 3.5mm assistant, USB and Bluetooth. Also, you can disregard what it says on the organization’s specs page – the N550 doesn’t have Wi-Fi. On the off chance that you possess a Samsung TV the N550 can associate by means of Bluetooth for sound from the locally available tuner or shrewd TV applications.

While this is entirely a front-terminating sound bar, you can include backs on the off chance that you wish. Samsung influences a perfect remote back to unit, the SWA-8500S, that retails for $129.

Setup and tuning in

The HW-N550 was a breeze to set up – connect to a HDMI link from our reference UDP-205 Blu-beam player and one out to a Samsung 4K TV – and we were playing motion pictures inside only a couple of minutes.

The HW-N550’s sound was consummately capable while playing the straight show, Phantom Thread, which is set in mid 1950s London with famous dressmaker Reynolds Woodcock (Daniel Day-Lewis) and his sister Cyril (Lesley Manville) employ control in the design world. The HW-N550 just continued on ahead and sounded fine.

Not too bad up til now, thus we went for something significantly all the more difficult with Mad Max: Fury Road; the HW-N550 doled out hints of the onscreen pandemonium with impressive fervor. It’s great, however to put the HW-N550’s capacities in setting we drew out a Yamaha YAS-207 sound bar, which quickly sounded more strong than the HW-N550. That one has a somewhat greater subwoofer, however the YAS-207’s bass was more strong, which proved to be useful with the film’s street seething machines tearing up the desert. After a full measurements of the YAS-207’s rich home theater aptitudes and coming back to the HW-N550, the sound was somewhat of a grouch.

While the HW-N550 is a 3.1-channel framework and has a devoted focus channel for exchange. It doesn’t let you independently turn up the inside channel volume to enhance clarity. All things considered, we’re cheerful to see you can change the subwoofer volume on the fly from the remote, and the HW-N550 sports bass and treble tone controls.

That is great, since we found the sound at the default settings a touch dull, so we turned the treble up to +3, and the bass down to – 3. Concerning the subwoofer volume, some of the time we exited it at 0, yet usually we balanced it to taste starting with one motion picture then onto the next.

All things considered, the YAS-207 pressed a greater clobber with Mad Max, so while the HW-N550 can play noisy, it doesn’t appear as intense or undertaking as large a soundstage as the YAS-207. The HW-N550 was no bum, it sounded clear, it could play uproarious, and the sub was quite great in its own particular right.

On the upside, the HW-N550 sounded great with all music classes – it never sounded splendid, thin, or hard with music played up to modestly boisterous volume. Neil Young’s recently discharged Paradox film soundtrack interchanges between delicate acoustic and hard-shaking tunes. The HW-N550 sounded solid with them all.

Would it be a good idea for you to get it?

The Samsung HW-N550 faces firm rivalry from the YAS 207, and honestly we’d be unable to discover something about the sound of the HW-N550 that we favored. Goodness, and the $299 YAS-207 is less expensive than the HW-N550. All things considered, the Samsung is as yet a respectable entertainer and matches well with Samsung TVs.



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