Sony WF-SP700N Wireless In-Ear Sports Headphones review

Sony’s best really remote headphones have awesome sound, agreeable fit



The Good / Fits easily and safely and sounds useful for really remote earphones. Worked in clamor dropping helps stifle encompassing sound. An included charging case conveys two extra charges.

The Bad / Battery life is just OK at 3 hours. It’s somewhat unbalanced to get the earbuds into their charging case. Some sound defer when utilizing certain gushing video applications.


We’ve seen a considerable measure of new genuinely remote headphones hit the market in 2018, all endeavoring to contend with the most surely understood individual from the breed, Apple’s AirPods.

Sony’s most recent, the WF-SP700N, retails for $180 (£180, AU$300) and is basically the games rendition of Sony’s prior WF-1000X. Both have a functioning commotion dropping component that helps stifle surrounding clamor – something missing from Apple’s somewhat more affordable AirPods.

With a perspiration safe outline politeness of a PX4 “splashproof” rating, these headphones have a couple of things going for them. First of all, they’re moderately lightweight and fit me easily and safely – even while running – on account of the included games balances (similar ones found on the Sony MDR-XBX50BS). They additionally stable useful for really remote earphones and worked generally dependably, with just negligible dropouts.


Each bud has a solitary “power” catch that serves as a widespread catch for delaying and playing your music, noting and finishing calls, and skipping tracks forward and back with a twofold or triple snap. The catch is somewhat little however it functioned admirably enough. There are no volume controls on the buds themselves.

Utilizing the application you can change the sound by flipping through different pre-set equalizer modes, including one that lifts the bass, yet you can’t make your own particular custom setting. I found that the default “off” setting offered the best and most adjusted sound. The bass has great kick to it yet doesn’t appear to be enlarged (as it does in the bass lift mode), and there isn’t the treble push found in a portion of alternate modes like “Energized,” “Splendid” and “Treble lift” that can prompt some listening exhaustion. My next most loved setting was “Smooth.”


In the event that you get a tight seal, these headphones convey more bass and more extravagant sound than the AirPods, especially in noisier situations. They’re among the best sounding genuinely remote headphones, measuring up well against the Bose SoundSport Free and Jabra Elite 65t and Jabra Elite Active 65t (the Bose has more bass than the Jabra). Be that as it may, I should bring up that these kinds of remote earphones still don’t sound in the same class as a not too bad arrangement of in-ear wired earphones that cost less, so hold your desires within proper limits.

The Sonys performed acceptably however aren’t extraordinary as a headset for making calls. Like the Bose, when making a call, you just get sound in the left ear, so they turn into a mono headset. Both the AirPods and Jabra headphones convey sound in the two buds when you’re making calls, so I lean toward them for making calls.

You can kill the clamor wiping out mode however I for the most part left it on, particularly when I was strolling the roads of New York or riding the metro. The impact isn’t as solid as the Sony’s WH-1000XM2 over-ear earphones, yet it helps mute sound around you to a specific degree.


These headphones do have a couple of drawbacks. At 3 hours on a solitary charge, the battery life isn’t extraordinary. The minimal accusing case that is incorporated of them offers two extra charges in a hurry, however the case felt somewhat modest and I now and then battled a bit to recover the earbuds into it for charging. You have to wind the blades to enable every headphone to slide into the compartment all the more effortlessly.

The other little issue is with sound synchronizing when watching video. I didn’t have an issue when viewing a motion picture in iTunes, however there was a slight slack when I was spilling from the Netflix application and YouTube. (I tried the headphones with an iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus).

In conclusion, I needed to swap in my very own arrangement additional vast eartips in light of the fact that the ones Sony provided in the case didn’t exactly fit my ears. As I stated, getting a tight seal with these headphones is vital to amplifying sound quality, especially bass execution.

Those provisos aside, I liked these folks. While they don’t exactly measure up to contending sports models from Bose and Jabra in a similar value extend, they’re among the better genuinely remote earphones I’ve tried from the outlook of sound and fit.


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