Synology RT2600ac review

The best switch any sharp client could request



The Good / The RT2600 has long range, quick Wi-Fi speed and a lot of highlights. The switch can have in excess of one broadband association, and furthermore fills in as a vigorous system stockpiling server when combined with an outside hard drive. It likewise incorporates cutting edge firmware that conveys a stellar arrangement of additional highlights.

The Bad / There’s no help for consolidating two LAN ports into a solitary superfast association and you may wish the switch had in excess of five system ports.

The Bottom Line / If you’re hoping to make a quick and very adjustable home system with cutting edge highlights, look no more distant than the RT2600AC.

Synology’s RT2600 remote switch is a noteworthy move up to a year ago’s RT1900AC. At the proposed cost of $230 (right now you may need to pay more in the city,) the new model is about $80 more costly than its more established sibling yet it’s absolutely justified regardless of the cost. That value changes over generally to £185 in the UK and AU$300 in Australia. Not exclusively is the RT2600 one of the quickest Wi-Fi switches available, it likewise has the most extensive arrangement of highlights. What’s more, when you associate an outer hard drive, the switch additionally fills in as a system stockpiling (NAS) server so you can share information and stream substance to nearby and also remote customers.

In case you’re hoping to assemble a strong, non-trading off, secure home system, this is the switch to get.

Executioner firmware

Like all AC2600 switches, the RT2600AC is a quad-stream (4×4) switch with top velocities of up to 1,733 megabits for every seconds on the 5GHz band and up to 800Mbps on the 2.4GHZ band (remember that these are only the roof speeds). What influences it to emerge from the rest is its working framework (or firmware) called Synology Router Management (SRM).

With most switches, the firmware – oversaw by means of a website page – is somewhat crude, and regularly enlarged with menus and submenus. SRM works like that of a cutting edge working framework, like Windows or MacOS. Inside a web interface, it takes into consideration opening different windows, look, warnings, change impacts et cetera.

All the more vitally, things are sorted out in a way that is simple for any individual who’s at any point worked with a PC to make sense of. There’s a control board where most settings are found, a work area with alternate routes to its primary highlights and settings, a Start secure that brings more easy routes and even a Package Center where you can introduce bundles (applications) that add more capacities to the switch.

What’s more, in the event that you don’t care for the web interface there’s additionally a free DS Router application (for iOS and Android) that enables you to deal with a portion of the switch’s settings and inherent highlights on your cell phone, both locally and when you’re far from home.

On the whole, SRM is by a long shot the most developed firmware for switches I’ve seen both in outline and usefulness. Arranging the RT2600AC, in this manner, is more similar to setting up a PC than a system gadget, mirroring the way that the RT2600AC is intended for cutting edge clients who need to redo their home system. Home clients who simply need to get online quick without fiddling with settings and setup should look at the Google OnHub, or a Google Wifi framework.

Thorough extra highlights

The most intense component of the RT2600AC is the Package Center. It’s essentially an application store where you can include more capacities/highlights to the switch. Need your switch to fill in as a VPN server? Introduce the VPN bundle. Need the switch to download records independent from anyone else? Get the Download Station bundle. Need to keep your whole home system secure? Try not to miss the Intrusion Prevention bundle.

As of now Synology offers eight free applications with additional to come. The switch likewise bolsters bundles created by outsiders. Also, obviously, on the off chance that you don’t need any of these, you can uninstall them at whenever.

It’s imperative to take note of that every one of these free applications are to a great degree all around outlined, far reaching and merits its very own different audit. The Download Station, for instance, can download records from any sources, including FTP servers, DHCP servers, or document sharing administrations like BitTorrent (it incorporates a far reaching BitTorrent Search work.) The Intrusion Prevention bundle can secure your home system in different ways. It likewise gives definite reports and examination, including the capacity to pinpoint on a world guide where identified dangers are originating from.

Coincidentally, since the switch doesn’t have a ton of inherent storage room, you require a USB outside hard drive or a SD card (the switch has two USB ports and one SD card space) before you can introduce the greater part of the bundles. Once you’ve given it some additional storage room, the switch will likewise function as a strong system stockpiling server, fundamentally the same as a committed NAS server from Synology, for example, the DS416 Play. That makes it simple to share or stream information to numerous gadgets.

One other cool thing about those bundles: a few, similar to the Download Station or the Media Server, incorporate their own portable application (for iOS or Android) with the goal that you can oversee undertakings on or stream media to your cell phone notwithstanding when you’re out on the town. What’s more, you can utilize a record with Synology for accommodation’s purpose or make your own remote access to the switch so you can utilize these portable applications without the switch being associated with Synology by any stretch of the imagination.

Stellar implicit highlights

Discretionary additional bundles aside, the RT2600AC is extraordinary straight out of the container on account of a solid slate of implicit highlights and settings. For instance, the web-sifting, which is a piece of the Parental Control include, can square web get to in view of classes (grown-up, web-based social networking, promoting et cetera) or piece particular areas. You can set the square to work physically or plan it to work at particular circumstances. Every last bit of it worked greatly well when I tried it out.

Indeed, the switch is one of not very many I’ve realized that can piece secure HTTPS destinations (like Facebook or YouTube). Most different switches ca, excluding my other top pick, the Asus RT-AC88U. What’s more, when I blocked publicizing to my PC, I could surf the web on it advertisement free.

Another valuable, complete component is the Traffic Control that enables you to oversee and screen web transfer speed. Once more, you likewise get the nitty gritty examination and reports on the system’s online exercises.

Obviously, the RT2600AC likewise takes into account profound customization of your Wi-Fi organize and other normal system settings. It has every one of the settings you’d require, for example, port sending, Dynamic DNS, MAC separating et cetera. In the event that it’s something you’d need from a home switch, the RT2600AC has it and likely more.

Double WAN-prepared however just four LAN ports

There’s one thing I wish it had a greater amount of, notwithstanding: the system ports. The RT2600AC has the standard one WAN (web) port to associate with your modem and four LAN ports for wired customers. It additionally gives you a chance to transform one of the LAN ports into a moment WAN port in the event that you need to utilize two broadband administrations in the meantime. A great many people needn’t bother with this yet in the event that you need to either keep up the web speed amid substantial use or ensure you’ll be online constantly, this is an incredible element to have. Simply realize that when you utilize it, you’ll have only three LAN ports left for wired customers, previously you have to turn to a change to include more ports.

The reason the quantity of ports is an issue for me is on the grounds that the Asus RT-AC88U, which additionally includes Dual-WAN, has eight LAN ports. It likewise has interface collection, which means it can join two LAN ports into a solitary superfast association. The RT2600AC can’t do that, which is somewhat frustrating given that servers, including NAS servers, are the gadgets that advantage the most from connect collection. Ideally, Synology includes the element by means of firmware refresh.

CR Labs’ 5GHz Wi-Fi execution

NOTE: Measured in megabits every second. Longer bars mean better execution

Extraordinary execution

The RT2600AC performed well in my tests. It relatively beat the outlines on the 5GHz band with a supported speed of 715Mbps at short proximity (15 feet), a tad slower than the Netgear R7800. When I expanded the separation to 75 feet with one divider in the middle of, the normal tumbled to 450 Mbps, which is still exceptionally noteworthy.

It didn’t work out quite as well on the 2.4GHz band, be that as it may, averaging only 250Mbps and 120 Mbps for short proximity and long range, individually. Be that as it may, this is the situation with most 802.11ac switches available. Since most customers currently bolster the 5GHz band, the speed of the 2.4Ghz band hasn’t been as quite a bit of a need lately. What’s more, despite the fact that it can be slower, it’s still sufficiently quick to convey a rapid web association.

CR Labs’ 2.4GHz Wi-Fi execution

NOTE: Measured in megabits every second. Longer bars mean better execution.

55.6The RT2600AC breezed through my pressure test effectively. It labored for four days in succession, transmitting a lot of information between numerous customers without disengaging even once. It likewise had phenomenal range. In a private setting I could interface with it from 150 feet away, at a supported speed of nearly 100Mbps.

While facilitating an outside hard drive by means of its USB 3.0 port, by means of a Gigabit association, the switch enrolled a supported speed of 33 megabytes for every second to write and 64 MBps for perusing. At this speed, the switch is more than sufficiently quick for neighborhood media spilling.

Would it be a good idea for me to get one?

The RT2600AC is a phenomenal switch, outstanding amongst other I’ve known. Indeed, on the off chance that you appreciate only maybe a couple of its numerous highlights, that’ll as of now make it worth the $230 sticker price. The huge measure of highlights and customizations may overpower for the individuals who simply need to get on the web, however in the event that you’re a propelled client who needs to construct a capable system for your home or little office, this is the switch for you.

For something with comparative highlights that is somewhat less costly, you could consider the RT1900AC ($119.99 at, however you’ll lose a tad of speed and Wi-Fi run. All things considered, I think the RT2600AC is well justified, despite all the trouble – gave you’re willing to invest some energy influencing it to work the way you need.



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