Transcend SSD370S review

An incredible move up to any hard drive



The Good / The Transcend SSD370S conveys quick execution requiring little to no effort, has high toughness and highlights information encryption.

The Bad / The three-year ensure is short contrasted with the five-to 10-year guarantees of contending drives.

The Bottom Line / The Transcend SSD370S is a sensible and satisfying refresh for any PCs that still continue running on a hard drive.

The Transcend SSD370S is awesome news for fanatics of strong state drives (SSDs). It’s both quick and reasonable.

With the best 1TB limit going for just $360 or £230 (changed over, that is AU$470), the new drive is the as of now the minimum costly strong state drive (SSD) available. (The drive is additionally accessible in 512GB, 256GB, 128GB, 64GB and 32GB for relatively littler entireties.) Yet in my testing, its scores in specific tests were near best drives’ available. Furthermore, the new inward drive has a high perseverance rating and furthermore bolsters information encryption.

There’s a little catch, be that as it may: the new Transcend SSD accompanies just a three-year guarantee, which isn’t as liberal as a five-or 1o-year ones offered with some top of the line drives, for example, the OCZ Vector 180 or the Samsung 850 Pro.

Everything considered, in case you’re not put off by the guarantee time frame, the Transcend SSD370S is an incredible purchase. It’s a financial plan SSD with the execution that can make the grade regarding that of top of the line drives. For those hoping to overhaul their maturing PC, this is the interior drive to get. Having no moving parts, a SSD like the Transcend will make the machine so significantly speedier and more dependable.

For more choices on brilliant standard SSDs, be that as it may, look at this rundown of current best SSDs.


Standard outline

The Transcend SSD370S is a standard 2.5-inch inward drive. Like most drives of its compose, it arrives in a 7mm thickness, marginally more slender than the 9.5mm of a genuine standard PC hard drive. The slimmer profile implies it can work in more circumstances, from work areas to standard PCs, and even some ultrabooks. The SSD370S is good with for all intents and purposes all purchaser applications where a standard SATA hard drive is utilized. It includes the most recent SATA 3 6Gbps standard, however will work with past update of the SATA standard.

The new SSD370S is housed in an aluminum packaging that is both light – at only 1.86 ounces (58 grams) – and durable. Note that Transcend likewise offers another rendition, show SSD370, that has plastic packaging. The two renditions are basically the same, including the evaluating.

The Transcend SSD incorporates a 3.5-inch section which will empower it to fit effortlessly inside most PCs. You don’t generally require this section to influence the drive to work – as a rule you can simply leave the drive hanging free since it doesn’t have any moving parts – however it’s constantly great to have your drive mounted firmly inside the PC.

In the event that you manufacture your own particular apparatus, you can introduce the working framework in the very same way that you do you a normal hard jump. For those needing to overhaul their PC’s current hard drive with a SSD, which is likely most of the utilization cases, there’s a bit of programming called Transcend SSD Scope included. I discovered this product very convenient.

Other than dealing with the drive itself, the SSD Scope programming likewise has a System Clone work that empowers clients to rapidly clone one drive to another. In my preliminary, this System Clone work was somewhat finished oversimplified however it took care of business. On the off chance that you need a more natural alternative, I’d prescribe the free form of Macrium Reflect.

Rise above SSD730S Specs


In spite of the fact that evaluated as a financial plan SSD, the SSD370S has a very great arrangement of highlights. Most importantly, Transcend says it dons a propelled refuse gathering and reusing framework with worked in wear-leveling and blunder revision code (ECC). The outcome is that the drive has a ultra-abnormal state of perseverance.

In a SSD, continuance (otherwise called program/delete or P/E cycles) is the rating that evaluates the aggregate sum of information that can be composed to a SSD before the drive ends up questionable. You can consider perseverance the drive’s strength.


By and large, the perseverance rating increments with limits, which is precisely the instance of the Transcend. The drive is accessible in 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB limits that have add up to composed limits of 45TB, 80TB, 150TB, 280TB, 550TB and 1,180TB, individually. Take the 128GB limit, for instance: If you compose 20GB to it each and every day, it will take you over 20 years to destroy the drive. By and large, we compose pretty much 5GB to the PC’s drive every day, and unquestionably few out of every odd day. Taking all things together, it’s protected to state that you’ll have to supplant your PC much sooner than the Transcend SSD370S drive itself.

Over that, the drive additionally includes constant full drive encryption with cutting edge encryption standard (AES). This element is accessible just when the drive is utilized with perfect motherboards, generally utilized as a part of business PCs and workstations.

Cost per gigabyte

Valuing is the most imperative factor for SSDs, and the SSD370S conveys. The drive’s two best limits, the 512GB and 1TB models, are right now valued in the US at just $176 and $360, individually, or pretty much 34 pennies for each gigabyte, presently the most reduced available. Numerous different drives touting comparable execution (or somewhat higher, for example, the Samsung 850 Evo, or the SanDisk Extreme Pro costs in excess of 50 pennies for each gigabyte.

Altogether, the Transcend’s valuing is a standout amongst the most amicable I’ve seen and there’s a decent possibility that it will go down significantly assist before the year’s over.

SSD cost per gigabye in US dollars

NOTE: Measured in cost per gigabyte in light of current costs on Amazon. Shorter bars/bring down numbers show better esteem.


The Transcend SSD370S’ execution was a pleasant shock. Considering its minimal effort, I didn’t expect much however the drive exceeded expectations in many tests.

The SSD370S did best in consecutive tests with a maintained compose and read speed of 390MBps, separately, higher than some top of the line drives, for example, the OCZ Vector 180. At the point when both perusing and composing in the meantime, it found the middle value of 151MBps, a bit bring down on the graph yet very great.

The drive additionally did well running PC Mark 8 stockpiling benchmark tests, winning a capacity score of 4,927 and the capacity transmission capacity of more than 210MBps.

PC Mark 8 in general stockpiling execution

Toward the day’s end, from an execution viewpoint, overhauling your PC from a standard hard drive to the SSD370S will have an immense effect. Yet, in the event that your PC has just been running a SSD, the main reason you’d need to move to this new SSD would be its more prominent storage room.


The Transcend SSD370S prevailed upon me with its valuing alone. Its fantastic execution and to a great degree high continuance are simply satisfying what tops off an already good thing delicious cake.

On the whole, this new SSD has a ton making it work. Actually, other than the similarly short three-year guarantee, there’s nothing I can whine about it.

Remember however, this isn’t the speediest drive available as far as speed and highlights. In case you’re searching for a best execution drive with bunches of fancy odds and ends, I’d prescribe the Samsung 850 Pro or the SanDisk Extreme Pro. Then again, in the event that you simply need to help your (maturing) PC’s execution, essentially, without delving a gap in your wallet, the SSD370S (or the SSD370) is the best approach. Thinking about its cost, this is effortlessly a standout amongst other arrangements out there.


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