Tribit XFree Tune Bluetooth Headphones Review

A premium Bluetooth earphone for under $50? That is correct



The Good / The Tribit XFree Tune sounds tremendous for the cash. It’s agreeable to wear and appears to be moderately well fabricated. The earphones overlap up to fit into a discretionary conveying case and battery life is appraised at a solid 24 hours at direct volume levels.

The Bad / The conveying case supports the cost by $5. The Tribit logo could be less noticeable.


Itend not to audit numerous reasonable over-ear earphones since they typically don’t sound all that great. Be that as it may, the Tribit XFree Tune is one of only a handful couple of special cases. It offers for $44 on the web and really sounds incredible, is agreeable to wear and appears to be well manufactured. It additionally doesn’t look modest. It’s AU$129 in Australia, however not accessible in the UK at time of production.

Tribit is one of those no-name sound organizations that offer a scope of stuff on Amazon. Be that as it may, Tribit’s $35 smaller than expected Bluetooth speaker is one of our go-to decisions in the realm of ultrabudget remote speakers, so I thought I’d try these earphones out. I was wonderfully shocked by how they sounded, and kindred CR supervisor Ty Pendlebury and Steve Guttenberg, otherwise known as The Audiophiliac, agreed with my appraisal.

They have great clearness, moderately all around characterized bass and sound truly normal for Bluetooth earphones. There’s a pinch of treble push, yet it’s not grinding and I could tune in to the earphones for good lumps of time without encountering listening exhaustion. The main issue is they sound comparable to numerous Bluetooth earphones that cost three or even four fold the amount.

They additionally overlay up into a sufficiently conventional conveying case and accompany a link on the off chance that you need to utilize them in wired mode. What’s more, that is the main genuine irritation with this item: The package with the conveying case costs $5 more, or $49. (The Tribit rep didn’t disclose to me the case was excluded for $44 until after I shot the video.)

My solitary outline grumble is that the Tribit logo could be minimized a bit. “Tribit” is one of those names that is difficult to consider important (wave hi, Oontz), so having it put in white on the ear glass in a nice measured textual style doesn’t enable the earphones’ road to offer. In any case, possibly it’s cool to be anticool.

Other than the logo, you’ll discover volume controls and the power catch on the ear glass. There are no different transport controls, yet squeezing and holding the up volume catch propels tracks, while doing likewise for the down volume catch skips back a track. Battery life is appraised at a sound 24 hours at direct volume levels – greater size means more battery limit than you’ll discover on little remote earbuds.

For those searching for commotion dropping, it’s not here, but rather the ear containers latently seal out a decent measure of encompassing clamor. While these earphones aren’t exactly as agreeable as an arrangement of Bose full-estimate earphones (which, obviously, cost seven fold the amount), the ear cushions do include great quality spreads and delicate, thick froth cushioning.

By and large the earphones worked dependably – they utilize Bluetooth 4.1 – and matched and repaired with my test telephones (iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus) without an issue. They worked OK as a headset for making calls, as well – simply don’t expect business-class execution.

Consider the whole and the Tribit XFree Tune is a brilliant deal. With regards to earphones, modest and great for the most part don’t blend. The XFree Tune is an exemption. Truth be told, you’d be unable to locate a superior sounding full-sized remote combine of earphones for the cash.




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