Truck-size asteroid makes fourth-closest pass by Earth on record

A space shake travels over us, coming significantly nearer than most interchanges satellites.

A space rock generally the measure of a pickup truck came surprisingly close to our heads Friday morning and after that proceeded on its way without occurrence.

Just three watched space rocks have come nearer to our planet, as indicated by NASA records that date the distance back to 1900.

Space rock 2018 UA was just 9,544 miles (15,360 kilometers) over the surface of the planet at its nearest approach, or, in other words than the separation to the moon and even twice as close as most vast man-made satellites in circle. Earth’s gravity figured out how to twist the space shake’s circle around the sun simultaneously.

Of the four nearest space rock flybys on record, 2018 UA is the second-biggest at roughly 5 meters (16 feet).

Obviously, those records don’t represent space rocks that really affect our air and move toward becoming meteors, similar to the bolide that detonated over Russia in 2013, or the little space rock that may have made it the distance to the ground in Africa in June.




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