US Centers for Disease Control to study e-scooter accidents

Three masters from the office are going to Austin, Texas, to counsel with general wellbeing authorities there.

As more individuals succumb to e-bike mishaps, authorities from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are going to Austin, Texas, to think about the occurrences and see what should be possible.

As per a slide deck by Austin’s transportation office, the office is joining forces with Austin Public Health to convey three CDC disease transmission specialists to the city.

They’ll think about 37 crisis calls and 68 bike wounds detailed over a 60-day time frame from Sept. 5 to Nov. 4, search for examples and exhort city authorities attempting to make new bike rules, says a report in the Austin American-Statesman. The CDC specialists will start meets one week from now, the Statesman said.

It’s the primary CDC the study of disease transmission contemplate on dockless bikes in the US, as per the slide deck, which was indicated by Austin’s NPR station, KUT. The CDC’s main goal includes more than battling sickness. In addition to other things, the office likewise counsels with chiefs about regular or man-made wellbeing dangers, the organization’s site says.

Rentable e-bikes from Lime, Lyft, Uber-claimed Jump and different organizations have turned into a disputable subject as they appear in more US urban communities and controllers rush to compose laws around the new type of transportation.

A few people say they adore having the capacity to hurry around blocked urban areas, however others grumble that riders jeopardize walkers. Furthermore, with bike clients beginning to surge crisis rooms, commentators are likewise progressively worried about rider security.



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