Vizio E series 2017 (60- to 80-inch) review

A major, moderate TV with an attention on picture quality



The Good / The greater Vizio E arrangement sets offer the best picture quality accessible in this value go, because of nearby darkening. The Google Cast framework offers more applications and continuous updates than numerous devoted savvy TV frameworks, and now you can get to some applications without utilizing your telephone.

The Bad / Roku TVs are better to stream. No implicit tuner.

The Bottom Line / The Vizio E arrangement offers the plain great picture quality at an absolute bottom cost, as long as you adhere to the 60-inch and bigger models.

Vizio E series 2017 image

Throughout the previous couple of years Vizio TV’s have earned our most astounding scores for an incentive by serving the best picture quality for the cash. The fundamental challenger to Vizio’s less expensive TVs like this E arrangement has been TCL with its Roku TVs. I like Roku’s shrewd TV framework superior to anything Vizio’s, yet Vizio’s secret weapon has dependably been predominant picture quality.

This year there’s another wrinkle: TCL’s astounding P arrangement. In the event that you need a 55-inch TV and can swing the additional cash contrasted with this Vizio, get the TCL. Its photo is that greatly improved.

In any case, possibly you need a size greater than 55 inches, you would prefer not to pause or you would prefer not to spend any more than you need to for a decent picture. On the off chance that that is the situation, the E arrangement is an awesome decision.

PSA: The best E’s are 60 inches and bigger

There’s more variety than expected between the diverse sizes in Vizio’s E arrangement, so before I go any further, there’s some stuff you have to know.

I played out a hands-on assessment of the 50-inch E50-E1 and the 65-inch E65-E0. In light of what I saw and think about the arrangement, the 60-inch and bigger models investigated here are essentially superior to anything the others (explored here).

That is on account of the 43-and 50-inch sizes do not have the nearby diminishing that was so successful on the 65-inch estimate I tried. In the interim the vast majority of the littler models utilize an IPS-based (“in-plane exchanging”) LCD board, and the IPS board on the 50-incher I tried conveys second rate picture quality. Just the 60-inch and bigger sizes that have the triumphant blend of nearby darkening and VA (vertical arrangement, and non-IPS) LCD boards.

Here’s the manner by which the whole arrangement separates.

Vizio E arrangement (2017)

The better E TVs with nearby darkening have somewhere in the range of 10 to 16 diminishing zones. More neighborhood darkening zones for the most part levels with better picture quality, however I don’t expect much distinction between the models with 10 or 16 zones.

Vizio says the E55-E2 may utilize either an IPS or a VA board. Here’s its announcement: “[The E55-E2 will] begin shipping with VA boards and afterward may move to IPS board innovation if request increments. It is hard to state when the IPS boards will cut in, yet your perusers can utilize the accompanying serial number prefix on the container to distinguish models with IPS boards. In the event that the fourth digit of the serial number is a “J” or “7,” that unit utilizes an IPS board. Ex. LWZJSEARxxxxxxx or LTM7SHARxxxxxxx. All other serial numbers will be units utilizing VA boards.”

My announcement? The most straightforward thing is to stick to 60 inches or more.

Standard dark casing, irregular spindly legs

The casing around the screen is sparkly, dark and thin, so from the front it would appear that all photo, while the bureau is moderately thick observed from the side.

Instead of a platform stand the E arrangement uses a similar sort of spread, spindly legs found on most TVs today. They’re a bit, er, diverse looking, on account of an example of triangle-molded patterns.

Vizio E series 2017 stand

The 2017 E arrangement accompanies another clicker with more catches and capacities, in spite of the fact that its keypad is essentially futile since the TV does not have a worked in tuner for recieving wire channels.

Chromecast worked in with on-screen menus as well

For the time being the E arrangement requires your telephone to stream video from Netflix and others, yet Vizio says the refresh that adds applications to an onscreen show, so you can stream without utilizing your telephone, is coming soon.

Much the same as a $35 Chromecast, the Vizio E can serve up Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go and all the lay on the extra large screen utilizing your telephone as a “remote.” Going into any bolstered application and hitting the Cast catch uncovers the Vizio TV as an alternative; select it and video from the application will play back on the TV. Simple peasy. It worked fine with Netflix (in 4K and HDR) and Vudu and YouTube (in 4K). Different applications I attempted functioned admirably as well.

The greatest drawback to the framework is that Cast doesn’t bolster Amazon Video straightforwardly. In any case, that refresh includes a genuine screen menu for Casting applications, and one of them is without a doubt Amazon. I got an opportunity to play with an early form for this audit and it for the most part filled in as promoted – and like on-screen shows found on contending Smart TVs.

Choosing the Smatcast “input” causes the new application home screen to show up, with symbols for a bunch of major applications along the base (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Crackle, iHeart Radio, Xumo, Vudu, Pluto, and “USB”) and also tiles for TV shows and motion pictures along the best. Amazon and the others worked similarly as I expected, finish with 4K and HDR gushing where avalable. Tragically reaction times weren’t the quickest and screens took somewhat longer than I’d get a kick out of the chance to stack, yet in my book it’s (a considerable measure) superior to nothing. Not the slightest bit is it superior to Roku, in any case.

Vizio E series 2017 android

You can in any case utilize Vizio’s SmartCast application for iOS and Android to control settings like picture and sound modes, yet you needn’t bother with it since the TV has on-screen settings menus as well. I additionally found the application more steady to associate and use than previously, and it worked immaculately on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 telephone. The application likewise endeavors to surface substance with “Television programs” and “Motion pictures” areas, however the vast majority will disregard those and go straight for the individual applications on their telephones.

Alright, Google, control my modest TV

In the event that you have a Google Home speaker, the E arrangement can react to voice orders. It worked extremely well in my testing, albeit not at all like Alexa orders of Sony TVs, for instance, control on/off isn’t bolstered.

At the present time the main summons that work are Netflix and YouTube – however that is a great deal. I said “alright, Google, play Orange is the New Black on Test TV” (the name I gave one of the Vizios) and it worked, alongside the majority of the ensuing charges recorded here, as “next scene” and “turn on subtitles.” YouTube additionally filled in as guaranteed, and I was shocked to discover volume and quiet were likewise bolstered.

In the not so distant future Google will reveal extra Google Home traps to Chromecast and TVs like the E arrangement.

No radio wire tuner, adequate associations

The E arrangement does not have a worked in TV tuner, so it can’t get nearby TV stations accessible by means of recieving wire/over-the-air communicates. Actually, absence of a tuner implies they’re not in fact “Televisions” any longer, which is the reason Vizio’s site calls them “Tuner-Free Displays.” If you’re somebody who watches a great deal of TV by means of reception apparatus, as opposed to link, satellite or spilling administration, Vizio suggests you buy an outsider tuner.


Past without a tuner association, the E arrangement’s network is fine for a section level TV.

  • Four HDMI inputs
  • Part video input
  • USB port
  • Wired Ethernet port
  • Simple sound yield
  • Advanced sound yield

The abilities of the HDMI inputs differ on most sizes in the arrangement – some are form 1.4 and some adaptation 2.0 – yet that shouldn’t be a major ordeal. Indeed, even the variant 1.4 information sources can acknowledge most 4K sources.

Vizio E series 2017 back side

Picture quality

The bigger E arrangement TV beat the littler one for picture quality and furthermore outflanked several the other spending TVs I had available to look at. Its qualities incorporate profound dark levels and complexity, fueled by nearby darkening, exact shading and strong screen consistency. It’s not the best entertainer in splendid rooms, and HDR picture quality had a few issues, yet in any event it can deal with high unique range. All things considered, the TCL P arrangement was all-around predominant.

Tap the picture at the privilege to see the photo settings utilized as a part of the survey and to peruse more about how this current TV’s photo controls functioned amid alignment.

Brilliant lighting: The E arrangement was one of the dimmest TVs in my lineup and not an awesome entertainer in a splendid room. One issue with the E65 is that getting top splendor out of this TV requires debilitating its nearby darkening, something couple of clients will probably make sure to do when the lights are up. So, it should in any case be bounty splendid for most review circumstances.

Here’s the manner by which it stacked up:

Light yield in nits

The D and E arrangement Vizios all offer a fundamentally the same as matte screen complete, and it was somewhat superior to any of the others at diminishing reflections. It likewise safeguarded dark levels well.

Shading exactness: Before and after adjustment the E arrangement was very precise, with amazing skin tones and characteristic hues. The E50 didn’t coordinate the immersion or wealth of the E65, be that as it may, in spite of the fact that it was as yet sufficiently strong, and I question the distinction would be obvious in next to each other correlations.

Video preparing: The E arrangement took care of 24-outline content appropriately, with the smooth however not very smooth look of film. Movement determination was run of the mill of a 60Hz TV, the board’s local revive rate, in spite of Vizio’s “120Hz successful” phony particular. The E65’s “Unmistakable Action 180” enhance movement execution to 600 lines, however it wasn’t justified regardless of the exchange off in shine or glint.

There’s an “Amusement Low Latency” setting yet as indicated by my tests it didn’t influence gaming input slack, which was great at 33 ms. The 50-inch E was stunningly better at 29ms.

Consistency: Lighting over the E65’s screen was amazingly even, the best in my lineup alongside the D65, with little variety or brights spots in test designs regardless of the brilliance level. Watching hockey, which can truly uncover consistency issues, the two extensive Vizios again looked superior to any of the others, in spite of the fact that the P arrangement was close.

From off-edge the E65 and D65 kept up dark level loyalty, shading and pop superior to any of the others beside the TCL P arrangement.

HDR and 4K video: In this spending TV lineup just two models are fit for HDR playback, the TCL P arrangement and the Vizio E65. Between the two it wasn’t quite a bit of a challenge; the P arrangement won helpfully. When spilling “Marco Polo” on Netflix, the E65 looked compliment and more washed out contrasted with the much punchier TCL, which likewise indicated more energetic soaked yet common hues. The TCL crushed shadow detail more than the Vizio, yet general it was still much better.

The story was comparative watching “Logan” on 4K Blu-beam and HDR. The P arrangement looked considerably more powerful, and I instantly see its noteworthy light yield advantage in brighter features. HDR on the P arrangement had the greater part of the punch I expected, while on the E it was through and through more quieted, similar to standard powerful range material.



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