Vizio SB3621 review

The lord of the spending sound bars



The Good / The Vizio SB3621 offers magnificent execution for a ultra-spending sound bar with incredible film sound and toe-tapping music playback. The sound bar offers an OK choice of information sources including Bluetooth and will translate both Dolby and DTS. The sound bar and remote sub highlight fantastic form quality and a consistent setup.

The Bad / The LED show isn’t exceptionally useful, and the WAV-document just USB port is somewhat abnormal.

The Bottom Line / The Vizio SB3621n-E8 is the best stable bar under $300 we have ever heard. In the event that you need better TV sound, it’s the new spending benchmark.


You could call it an upset, or you could call it a pattern, yet something energizing is occurring at the spending end of home theater. In the past you needed to spend a considerable measure of cash to get extraordinary execution. Yet, on account of brands, for example, Elac, Pioneer and Vizio you don’t need to burn through thousands – you scarcely need to burn through hundreds.

At $150, the Vizio SB3621n-E8‘s sound gives a false representation of its smaller size and quite reasonable cost. We’d have high acclaim for this sound bar framework regardless of whether it was twofold the cost. It’s effortlessly the best sounding reasonable sound bar we’ve heard to date.

There are no “highlights” at all, only a remote subwoofer and Bluetooth, yet at this value you don’t generally require any more than that. Close by Google’s Chromecast Audio, the Vizio SB3621n-E8 is currently outstanding amongst other arrangements in home theater. You could even match the two together, connect them to a TCL Roku TV and you have an extremely cool remote spilling AV framework for about $500.

Stand aside Yamaha, JBL, Zvox and Polk: the Vizio SB3621 is presently the go-to sound bar in case you’re paying anything under $300. This is the primary sound bar we’ve ever evaluated that earned five stars, and effortlessly merits our Editors’ Choice honor.

36 creeps of great looking


Given its insane moderate cost you’d anticipate that something will not be right with the Vizio right? Possibly the sub is made of compressed wood or the remote seems as though it left a gumball machine. Be that as it may, no, you wouldn’t think about how modest the sound bar depended on its manufacture quality.

Place the Vizio sound bar close by the also evaluated JBL Boost TV and there’s no challenge by any stretch of the imagination. The JBL looks cheap, yet the Vizio grants a tranquil feeling of style. As the model number recommends, this is a 36-inch wide solid bar, which is generally minimized, and its 2.1-inch stature implies it won’t almost certainly hinder your remote control from working.

The highest point of the unit includes at least controls. We discovered they could be somewhat slow yet they’re exceptionally valuable in the event that you lose the remote. At the front of the bar is Vizio’s feared “show:” the volume level check is sufficiently valuable, yet the arrangement of dabs it utilizes for input choice are almost invulnerable. The remote control is a touch of confounding as well, however at any rate it’s a legitimate wand and not a plastic charge card like each other remote at the cost.


The included remote sub doesn’t hold back on quality. It’s a well-assembled dark and silver shoebox that accompanies a ported 5-inch woofer. This unit enables the whole framework to get down to an asserted 50Hz, which is bounty for an arrangement of this size and cost.


To the extent availability the Vizio highlights two advanced information sources – a coaxial and an optical – in addition to USB (for WAV playback and not MP3, abnormally) and a 3.5mm jack. The sound bar likewise incorporates Bluetooth network. It will unravel both the vanilla renditions of Dolby and DTS Dolby Digital and gives DTS sound modes as opposed to translating, which is somewhat strange.

Simple setup

Getting to know the Vizio SB3621n-E8 was an easy procedure, for the most part a matter of connecting to the optical advanced link from our Oppo BDP-105 Blu-beam player, tweaking the sound bar/subwoofer adjust with the sub volume control, and altering the bass and treble controls, through the remote. We changed those parities now and again as we played one motion picture to the following and with music. The SB3621n-E8 is a snap to utilize.

Lamentably with bass-substantial motion pictures we ended up mindful of the little subwoofer as a different wellspring of sound. In a perfect world the greater part of the framework’s sound should appear to originate from the sound bar itself. We put the sub nearer, appropriate by the sound bar and that enhanced the mix amongst sub and sound bar to some degree. It wasn’t perfect, however it was better.

Sounds fantastic

The speaker might be only 36 inches wide, however the SB3621n-E8 anticipated a one end to the other soundstage in the CR listening room. The sound of Vizio’s TruSurround handling was too brilliant, anyway so we didn’t utilize it much; the plain reproduced encompass mode sounded fine.

The little subwoofer experienced no difficulty handing out profound bass, and when played at direct volume levels bass definition was completely nice. Discourse was normally adjusted, and music of all classifications sounded superior to anything we get from sound bars that cost significantly more than the SB3621. We’ve tried an extensive number of sound bars throughout the years, yet this one is a distinct advantage, it’s that useful at the cost.

Obviously, we could influence the sub to act up by playing World War II films like “Hacksaw Ridge” extremely noisy. The sub’s woofer attempted its best to keep up, however the bass thickened and turned sloppy. Cutting back the volume to a to some degree more direct level reestablished the SB3821’s levelheadedness. A short time later the fight scenes’ instinctive elements, blasts and cannons impacts pressed a pummel that far surpassed what we got notification from the more costly Yamaha YAS-106 and Zvox SB380 sound bar frameworks.

To be reasonable those two ‘bars don’t include outer subwoofers, so they couldn’t summon the low-bass effect of the SB3621, yet they were additionally less clear by and large than the Vizio. What’s more, to be extremely reasonable, the Vizio is less expensive than both.

We next played a couple of Radiohead and White Stripes tracks from the “From The Basement” DVD, from the UK unrecorded music TV arrangement. The sound of this 2008 chronicle is completely eminent, so Radiohead’s complex surfaces woke up, and Thom Yorke’s vocals were right on target. Turning up the warmth with the White Stripes music, the Zvox SB380 leveled the band’s hard shake control; coming back to the SB3621 brought it back.

When we contrasted the SB3621 and Yamaha’s YAS-106 sound bar with stereo music records of Rosanne Cash’s “The River and The Thread” collection, the SB3621 sounded tonally more slender than the YAS-106. The Yamaha had a more extravagant and hotter adjust, however sounded a little muted contrasted and the livelier and clearer SB3621. All things considered, we can envision a few audience members may lean toward the YAS-106’s sweeter, more laid-back sound with music and films.

Would it be advisable for you to get it?

In case you’re in this value go for a sound bar, you completely should.

The Vizio SB3621 has a ton making it work, and not only its extraordinarily low cost. The ‘bar is littler than normal, and the remote sub is one of the littlest we’ve at any point tried in a sound bar framework. That is all great, however it was the SB3621’s sound that secured the give: It’s unmistakable, perfect and dynamic, with satisfyingly profound bass. This framework sounds similarly great with music and motion pictures. On the off chance that it fits your financial plan, and you have space for the different subwoofer, the SB3621 is the main sound bar to get.



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