Watch NASA release 450,000 gallons of water in 1 minute

That is a considerable measure of water.

NASA considers it the “Start Overpressure Protection and Sound Suppression water storm framework” and it is genuinely an incredible sight.

Simply watch it in real life:

In a little more than a moment the framework discharges about 450,000 gallons of water, sending it 100 feet into the air. The objective: lessen the extraordinary measure of warmth and vitality created by a rocket dispatch.

For reference, that is not very distant the measure of water required to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

This test was led Oct. 15 at Kennedy Space Center’s Launch Pad 39B in Florida in anticipation of Exploration Mission-1, or, in other words dispatch in June 2020. It will be the main uncrewed trip of the Space Launch System, a colossal rocket course of action NASA has been working for over 10 years, set to be the most intense sponsor at any point manufactured.



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