X marks the spot for the Parrot Swing drone (hands-on)

The X-molded automaton includes a special outline that gives it a chance to fly on a level plane while having the capacity to take off and arrive vertically.


In the event that steering a quad-copter ramble isn’t some tea, for what reason not attempt one that flies more like a plane? That is the thought behind Parrot’s Swing minidrone, which includes a novel X-formed plan that has a craving for something from Star Wars.

Without the smooth fuselage of a X-Wing warrior, the Swing is about the wings. There’s not much to take a gander at, to be completely forthright, but rather there’s undiscovered greatness under the surface the eye when the Swing gets off the ground. It costs $140, which proselytes to around £110 or AU$185.

The Parrot Flypad controller gives you a chance to utilize the controller to switch between quad-copter and plane modes, and you can pick between three distinct rates. I was effortlessly ready to get the Swing to take off and weave around for a decent 8 minutes or something like that, yet I believed I hadn’t generally learnt how to control it in the brief span I went through with the Swing.

Plane mode is a ton trickier to learn, given that the automaton will continually be moving. What’s more, be cautioned: Making a mix-up will send it colliding with something. Be that as it may, in case you’re stressed over slamming, you can rapidly hit the stop key. That switches the automaton again into drift quadcopter mode.


In case you’re pondering whether you ought to get one, think about this: The Swing isn’t the least demanding automaton to learn yet it offers a lot of fun, particularly when you’re zooming around in plane mode. Lamentably, that is all you’ll be doing. The automaton doesn’t offer a camera for video recording or some other highlights. It additionally utilizes Bluetooth, which implies go is constrained to around 20m, yet you can expand this to 60m utilizing the Flypad controller. Battery life, as specified, isn’t great either, yet you can swap in a new battery as required.

Key specs:

  • Can switch between quadcopter or plane mode
  • Can go up to 30 kph, or around 18.6 mph
  • Perfect with iOS 7 or Android 4.4
  • Up to 8.5 minutes of flight time



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